About Us

We are Avraham and Shifra and we’re brother and sister. We were born two years and a day apart, and raised in the Old City of Jerusalem with six other siblings. Avraham is a typographer and entrepreneur, Shifra is a product designer and Writer. But the most important thing to know about us is that we love the Hebrew language, and Hebrew letters especially. In a perfect world we’d be surrounded by letters at all times.

We gathered a team of talented designers, each as Hebrew-letter obsessed as we are, and together we developed our best ideas. Since we design objects we ourselves would want to buy, we use only the finest quality materials and work with the best crafts people around.

Sometimes we linger on one detail for two weeks before we’re content we found the best way to sew it. Sometimes we drive all the way to Haifa for the perfect shade of red embroidery floss. Sometimes we spend eight hours sanding wooden letters. We love every minute, because, as we’ve already confessed- we dream of surrounding ourselves with Hebrew letters at all times, and Alef Objects is a step toward making that dream come true.